Adventures With Elephants

Adventures with Elephants started more than 30 years ago in Zimbabwe, when Rory Hensman was tasked with training elephants deemed “unmanageable”. After working with these gentle, intelligent creatures, forging deep relationships and crafting a unique understanding of their nature, Hensman knew that rescuing and training these very special creatures would be his calling. Today, more than 30 elephants have been rescued through Adventures with Elephants, and some have been trained as part of an education initiative – to show their visitors and spectators what magnificent and important animals they are.

There are currently three elephant cows and two bulls at Adventures with Elephants, as well as two young ones that have recently been added to the family (Zambezi and Bela, who were due to be culled). These elephants share the scenic reserve with kudus, warthogs, meerkats, giraffes, steenboks, and zebras.